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Absolutely disgusted with the service from your takeaway ordered 7.30pm now 10.30pm and still no food. What sort of company is this. Come home after a long shift as front line staff dealing with covid and having to deal with this crap. I will never ever order from here again. No food I want my money back

Loraine Moore , 23 Oct 2020

Having to wait an hour for food delivery is already a bit annoying but then having to call them an hour and half after ordering? Not happy. No apology or discount offered.

Mr R D Walker, 23 Oct 2020

Favourite Indian food by far!

Emma, 17 Oct 2020


Great food and great service! Arrived quickly!

Vinny, 14 Oct 2020

Ordered food on 10/10/2020...2 hrs waiting..delivered lukewarm at around 9ish after I contacted India Kirkby.. chips inedible as lukewarm as was rice.lukewarm and clumpy..disgusting..binned it and the chips.. Zapped the curry dishes. Sent messenger message next day..tried to ring yesterday bout 4.40 no response. Usually good quality this time not. Require a partial refund as not a cheap takeaway Meal. Contact me via email

Lynda Hornsey, 12 Oct 2020

Still waiting 2 hours and 2p minutes after ordering food.

Jonathan Griffiths, 02 Oct 2020

So.... we wait for our refund for food we were requested to return. We ordered food last night only to wait over 4 hours for it to arrive. In the time it took to be delivered we attempted to call (without success as attempts weren't answered) for an update and eventually drove to the restaurant to check on the order progress. When at the restaurant the manager seemed unaware of the status of the order and blamed the coronavirus for the delay. Eventually there was reassurance that the food order would be sent very soon. After returning home, waiting for a further hour and attempting to call (several times) we managed to make contact and was told that dur to staffing issues there is a further delay. Our food FINALLY arrived (so we thought) but, it was neither warm, or the right order with items missing or wrong - a what was right was watery. Again there was a call to complain. The customer service was appalling. The so called manager asked us to return the food so he could inspect if it was wrong - its worth saying that before this there was a lengthy discussion were the manager attempted to convince us that the order was right (even though the chef had kindly written on containers what we were sent) and hung up. So, for the second time in the evening we ventured out to take out food back (never did i think I'd be delivering food) When at the the restaurant we spoke to a member of staff claiming to be the owner. After a short apology he agreed to accept the food back, claimed the kitchen was too busy to cook more food (owing to the time) and that a full refund would be agreed - famous last words. Well... we find our self in a situation where Indian food to go (ironic name) reject the refund. Claiming that the order was fulfilled and adding that any delay was due to traffic (so not coronovirus this time, not staffing). The traffic must have parted for my 2 drives to the restaurant that evening. Still waiting for my refund. Staff are not honest and have no customer focused skills - oh, and they arent answering my calls. I am however liaising with citizens advice and my bank to raise a claim. Be very wary about this company.

Carl, 27 Sep 2020

Utterly disgusting service- was told 3 times our order was on its way to us and at 23:25 still hasn’t arrived after ordering just after 19:00 - Ridiculous

Natalie, 26 Sep 2020

Placed an order nearly 4 hours ago and still waiting!! Tried to call on numerous occasions and constantly engaged, clearly the phone was taken off the hook. Eventually got through only to be told that our order has left the shop and is on its way to us! Still hasn’t arrived over half an hour later!! Apparently they have been really busy tonight due to COVID

Natalie, 26 Sep 2020

Placed an order online at 7.15pm and still have not had my order delivered. Tried ringing several times but the phone is clearly been taken off the hook. My online tracker is saying my order delivered. If this is your best service? Need a refund sorting please.........

Ralph, 26 Sep 2020

Don't bother. Ordered online and was told its ready only to find out that they haven't eve. Cooked it. Go some where else I know I will from now on.

Graham, 26 Sep 2020

I do not like that it automatically adds to your order like rice when it's not required with no option to remove. This is an additional £2.50 per curry. Soon mounts up.

Vicky, 26 Sep 2020

Ordered from you often as good always great. Disappointed tonight, hardly any meat in the curry and tasteless.

Lisa, 19 Sep 2020

It was delicious food I’ll be ordering again

Patrick, 19 Sep 2020

Food is delicious but the delivery times are getting slower with each order placed, tonight I waited an hour and 45 minutes from order to delivery. Not worth waiting that long for food.

Iain, 15 Sep 2020

Terrible, terrible service. Told an hour for delivery and an hour and a half later wasn't here. Rang up and told it was on its way and would be 10 to 15 minutes when we live 2 minutes from the restaurant by someone who obviously couldn't care less. Won't be ordering again when you treat customers like this.

Guy, 12 Sep 2020

It was definitely nice

Patrick , 12 Sep 2020

Really enjoyed meal but did not get poppodoms with pickle tray

Alison, 24 May 2020

this is the best Indian food I've had in years,. this was a trial and I can say they are brilliant arrived on time and definitely value for money. enough food to feed four from the portion for two we will be back

Ann, 20 May 2020

The food is amazing,ive tried takeaways in kimberley,eastwood,hucknall, sutton and city centre but india is way above the rest.

Kristy, 19 May 2020

Very nice food & I would recommend them to everyone

Tracey, 19 May 2020

Thank you for the help info and discount information

Jodie Al Rekabi, 12 May 2020


RAE-ANNE, 10 May 2020


Good takeaway!

Mark, 07 May 2020

Bombay potato amazing Onion bhaji also amazing rest of our food still amazing Will be ordering again soon

Lee, 06 May 2020

Always amazing vegan options! We’ve had a takeaway with you every week since we discovered you 3 weeks ago- thank you!

Becky, 03 May 2020